Another year is in the books for New York Comic Con (NYCC), the weekend-long annual assemblage of comic book aficionados, sci-fi superfans, gamers, and cosplay geniuses at the Javits Center. In addition to all the various panels and meet-and-greets, there were tons of new trailers premiered, including ones for the hotly-anticipated Star Trek: Picard, an untitled third Walking Dead spinoff, the M. Night Shyamalan-produced Apple TV+ series Servant, and Big Mouth spin-off Human Resources—you can watch all of those and more here.

In comic book news, the biggest announcement was that Wolverine would be getting his own solo series again as part of Marvel's Dawn Of X recalibration of the X-Men universe, which has already garnered tremendous praise from critics and fans thanks to the House Of X/Powers Of X miniseries. There was also an Angel reunion cast panel and a Watchmen preview, and you can check out a few more takeaways from various creators and stars from NYCC here.

But of course, our favorite aspect of NYCC remains the outpouring of creativity from the committed cosplayers. If you were scared away from attending this weekend because of the packed crowds or because of an abiding fear of having to walk anywhere near the Hudson Yards tourist trap, you can check out the gallery above to see all the incredible, Hollywood-level costumes that were on display there.

Among the highlights was a "hand-drawn" Mario, a lifelike Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, Fairy Batman, Bro Thor (that is apparently his "official" name), and a weird fairy girl whose fake eyes were programmed somehow to track along with where the person hidden inside was looking. They even blinked on cue! The best costumes photographer Scott Lynch saw was the couple who came as Doctor Strange and his impish Cloak of Levitation. When he asked how they choose who got to be Strange and who would be the Cloak, the young woman muffled behind the fabric said, "Well, I'm just naturally more annoying so..."  

This is a costume for TWO people

Reporting from Scott Lynch