Yesterday, Banksy put up the latest piece on his whirlwind month-long open air street art tour of NYC in the East Village. And in less than 24 hours since "concrete confessional" went up on East 7th Street and Cooper Square, it's been defaced. But hey, at least no one tried to make a profit off of it.

The piece, which is located across the street from the First Ukrainian Assembly of God, is based on a photo by Berni Schoenfield from the 1950s, which depicts a Jesuit priest at the Martyr’s Shrine in Ontario (you can see the original photo at Animal NY). Now, Banksy's concrete piece has a crude white beard and medallion spray-painted on.

In addition, other street artists have put up their responses, imitations and tributes all around the piece (see the second and third photos above). So far today, there's been no new pieces posted on Banksy's website, so maybe he's taking the day off to participate in the Zombie Crawl.