Not too long ago there was some pole dancing for arts sake on the L train. Well, yesterday photographer Zach Hyman (he's like the one-model-at-a-time version of Spencer Tunick) brought his nude subject to a museum. Surprisingly, it seems the MTA is cooler with the naked human form than the Met is!

The 26-year-old model, Kathleen Neill, was busted when she stripped down in the Arms and Armour exhibit. This was the first time one of his models was arrested for public lewdness, according to the NY Post; Hyman told the paper, "Everything was going perfect until the very end. Then it became a worst-case scenario." The session was quick, and allegedly many didn't even see what was happening. One Canadian tourist said, "I thought it was cool to juxtapose the nude woman with the art in the room. I was surprised by how many people didn't even notice her."

The museum hasn't made an official comment, but when the security guard nabbed Neill, the model asked her why it was wrong in a building full of nudity. The guard told her, "Those statues are 400 years old. You're from the 21st century." For those who want to see some more skin, here's some (blurred out) video, conveniently captured because it "was captured exclusively by a camera rolling for NBCNewYork."

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More of Hyman's work can be seen on his website. We suggest he bring his next subject to strip down on the High Line, and give those exhibitionists at the Standard something to look at.