With 2015 wrapping up, we're taking a look back at some of our original videos shot throughout the year—from Staten Island to an NYPD precinct basement, from The Hole to hidden corners of Grand Central Terminal. Check out some of our favorites, shot by our videographer Jessica Leibowitz, below. (You can revisit all of our videos here.)

Inside Grand Central's Secret Sub-Basement, Which Nazis Nearly Destroyed

The subbasement of Grand Central, called M-42, isn't on any blueprints. Its location and access points are kept a secret, but this year we got to go down there, passing by 600 million year old New York schist and bedrock on our way. While there we learned about how Hitler tried to infiltrate M-42.

We also got to see a 102-year old electronic computer, check out the Tiffany clock, and walk down the hidden staircase.

The Last Ballad Of Mandolin Brothers, Staten Island's Beloved Guitar Shop

For the past 40 years, legendary musicians and guitar aficionados have been flocking to Mandolin Brothers, the Staten Island mom-and-pop guitar emporium. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Christopher Guest, Dave Van Ronk, Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Steven Seagal and Conan O'Brien are but some of the big name players who made the trip. Sadly, they're getting ready to close up shop soon.

Welcome To The Hole, John Gotti's Rustic Body-Dumping Ground

We visited the Hole, ten blocks that time and New York City forgot. The area draws two types of people attracted to its isolation: those who don't want to be found, and those with something to bury.

Watch NYPD's Incredible Sketch Artist Draw Louis C.K.

We described Louis C.K. to the NYPD's sketch artist without telling him who we had in mind—how did he do?

Video: An Extremely Rare Look At Sylvia Plath's Childhood Manuscripts At The NYPL

We got to see Sylvia Plath's childhood sketches and poetry, stored away at the NYPL, and never before shared. We also got to see some of her later work.

Watch This Mind-Blowing Blind Magician Wow L Train Riders

Meet Justin Sight, a magician who suffers vision loss from Stargardt macular degeneration disorder. He's been working his magic for 15 years, since he was 10 years old, and can often be found making things more interesting underground with his intimate illusions.

Gothamist Staffers Pay Tribute To Their Meanest Comments

You guys can be mean sometimes.

Meet Precious Costello Caldwell Jr., The Steampunk Dogwalker Of The UWS

Dog walkers are plentiful in New York, but Precious Costello is the most unique, stylish and cheerful dog walker we've ever met.

Trans Model Geena Rocero Breaks Barriers At NY Fashion Week

"For a long time I was just a model." Now, "I want to produce content that talks about what it means to be trans and gender non-conforming," Filipino-born model Geena Rocero told us this year.

NYPD Destroyed Birth Certificates, Medication, IDs In East Harlem Homeless Raid

On the evening of October 1st, as the temperature dipped into the 50s and a steady rain began to fall, Floyd Parks and a few other homeless men and women sought shelter under the overhang at Choir Academy, a public school in East Harlem. The authorities told them they were no longer welcome underneath the overhang, and began to toss their possessions into a waiting sanitation truck.

Rescue Dogs And Cats Are The Best, Most Adorable Dogs And Cats

Some puppies and their cat friend came to our office.

How To Sculpt An Award-Winning Beard

It took nearly 3 hours for Garey Faulkner's facial hair to be perfectly sculpted into an award-winning beard.

See NY Botanical Garden's Magnificent Holiday Train Show From The Train's P.O.V.

We put a GoPro on the New York Botanical Garden's holiday train (which you can still see in person through January 18th).

Tour The NYPD's Scary Haunted Basement In A Brooklyn Police Station

The 78th Precinct in Brooklyn built a legitimately terrifying haunted house in their basement for Halloween this year.