Has anyone been following the story of the giant Harvard Snow Phallus? Apparently, on Feb 11 some Hah-vahd students built a nine and a half foot tall penis out of snow (hey, it snows a lot in Boston. You gotta keep busy somehow, and lord knows the Crimson Kids aren't working). This so incensed some female students that they felt compelled to not only knock it down but also to have a meeting about how oppressive it was. The story seems so preposterous that it even got a mention in this Economist article about how prudish we USAmericans are.

So it seems that at least a vocal minority of people believe that a penis is, to quote Women’s Studies Lecturer Diane L. Rosenfeld "[a] menacing reminder of women’s sexual vulnerability". This prompts me to wonder how she and others feel about the Earth Erotica I saw the other day on Naked New York. Do we need to tear down this natural rock formation in Utah so that the women there don't feel threatened?

I'd also like to point out that Bob Berkowitz is another very cool TV personality.