If you are looking for a different kind of summer vacation this year, we've got you covered. Today at 12 p.m. PST, tickets go on sale for Burning Man, the weeklong arts festival that turns a barren patch of desert in Nevada into awesome. Start your counters, the man burns in 236 days!

Explaining Burning Man is pretty nigh on impossible (as the event's very helpful FAQ puts it: "Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.") but it really is what ever you want it to be (as long as you are down with doing it in a gift-based economy). Like dancing, drinking and (if that's your thing) drugging through the night? You can do that. Like checking out oversized arts projects, many of which move and ask you to participate? Just want to get up close as large objects filled with explosives are set on fire? You are getting the idea. Really, as this lovely Dr. Seuss-inspired video shot at last year's Man shows, you can make of it what you want:

So, you are interested in trying out the Burning Man but aren't sure where to start? The short answer is: Tickets. Burning Man pulls in thousands of visitors from around the world each year and this year they are trying something new to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at a campsite—but be clear, they won't be selling tickets at the door.

Here's how the new system works: 3,000 pre-sale tickets for $420 have already been sold. Today through January 22 Burning Man is putting another 40,000 tickets on sale—sort of. Those interested can sign up with their credit card today to buy up to 2 tickets at prices of $240, $320, or $390. After everyone has signed up people will be randomly selected (before February 1) to purchase tickets from whatever tiers they selected at signup. And if you aren't selected for the main sale, well, no worries! A final 10,000 tickets will be sold in a non-lottery sale in March for $390 (with a limit of four per person).

Yes, those prices seem steep but here's the thing: how else do you expect them to keep the desert pristine and make sure that the many, many, many porta potties lining the event are pristine for the whole week. So, who's coming with us?