NYU Singles

NYU is getting into the dating service game: They have launched NYUSingles.com. [Updated: Upon closer reading of the fine print, it's not endorsed by NYU the university but rather some entrepreneurs trying to tap into the online meeting people craze.] Their mission:

Meeting people with common interests, opinions and ideas has never been easy. With today's deadlines, daily commutes, and personal duties, it's even tougher to find the time and opportunity to explore new relationships.

That's why we're here. NYUSingles.com is about bringing people together. Not just people who happen to be single, but people who already have something in common: their affiliation with or affinity for New York University. So whether you're looking for a new relationship or just seeking new friendships, now you can find it in an environment populated with people like you.

This is our purpose. We hope you'll find it a rewarding way to meet that special someone who is just as interested in meeting you.

Besides letting people with no NYU affiliation (just an NYU itch), students, alumni, and staff are targets; we give it a month before a teacher-student courtship starts. Of course, Gothamist wanted to check out the site, but we had to register first. While we're not looking for a match, we're always looking for friends or enemies. You can find us as "Gothamist"; currently, we're listed as a "female" looking for a "male" but in all fairness, we'll be switching that around every so often. We're like that fish or frog that changes sexes whenever it's most convenient.

[Via red at 990000; he heard about it on a bulletin board at the granddaddy (well, maybe great-uncle) of them all, Friendster]