It's good to know the NYPD is totally on top what is surely the most important situation to hit this city in quite some time: Rob Pattinson mania. The Twilight star has caused the biggest stir since Beatlemania, and according to IrishCentral, the police here have declared, "Enough is enough. His security people aren't up to the task of keeping him safe, and they have no idea how to deal with the crowds this guy attracts." The unnamed cop goes on to say that dealing with Pattinson is like "amateur hour" for them (that's called a burn, vampire)—they say they "have celebrities a lot bigger than this guy who can come and go in perfect safety because we know how to take the right precautions. We have presidents and kings come and go. This poor kid can't get in or out of a car without things getting dangerous." But kings don't have what the cops call "Twiheads" following them around, who allegedly have confronted the actor and cut themselves so they can bleed for him. [via Gawker]