Will we be hearing about lawsuits against the Borat movie for the next few years? On the heels of frat boys and transit workers suing the producers of Borat last year, a New York City businessman is suing Twentieth Century Fox for the "unauthorized and blatantly illegal use" of his likeness in the movie. Jeffrey Lemerond is best known to Borat viewers as the New Yorker who runs away from the faux Kazakh reporter played by Sacha Baron Cohen. The Smoking Gun posted the federal lawsuit; here's the explanation of exactly which horrified New Yorker Lemerond is:


What's especially funny is that the TSG points out that this lawsuit lists Lemerond as "John Doe," while he filed a later-withdrawn state court lawsuit with his name earlier this year!

Lemerond's lawyer says that his client was "made fun of. His friends and family recognized him, of course." Well, of course, but would anyone blame him for running away when a strange man is trying to hug him on the street? Is he upset that he wasn't familiar with Borat from Da Ali G Show and needs compensation to being further behind on the cultural knowledge learning curve? We're guessing this gets settled out of court for five figures.