David Childs, Daniel Libeskind, and Larry Silverstein, yukking it up; Photo - Newsday

When it was announced that David Childs would be designing the Freedom Tower part of the WTC, with Daniel Libeskind remaining as visionary for the project as a whole, many wondered if this interesting but magnet for ego-colliding collaboration would work. Three months later, some tensions over the design have emerged. As Childs' and Liebeskind's visions differ, Times reporter David Dunlap writes, "Without an agreed-upon aesthetic approach, there can be no detailed drawings. Without drawings, there can be no construction."

All parties (including the Lower Manhattan Development Concil) involved are to trying to be optimistic, for the sake of their reputations as well as for the public. Libeskind says, "Look, I come from a Hasidic background. I know forced marriages and they always worked for a long time." Somewhere, Rafael Vinoly is having a good chuckle about this.