(Photo via Ludovic Bertron's flickr

It's been a long December (and January, and February...) but today New Yorkers got a short break from cruel temperatures and snow as it hovered around 60 degrees. It's disorienting, and emotional, and the relief out there is palpable. It's okay to cry today, as the sun beams caress your face and the scars of winter fade from your skin. Don't tear off your winter armor and shove it under your bed just yet—it's not over. But do rejoice in the remaining hours of the day! At press time IT'S 62 DEGREES, and the sun won't be setting for hours. Eat outside tonight. Listen to music, it will sound different. Go for a sunset walk. Avoid your apartment, avoid the internet, touch the warm earth and be happy.

But if you're going to miss it all because you were inside working all day and have no plans to clock out soon, you can experience this lovely weather firsthand through social media! Just like those mythical Summer Fridays.

Of course, there's always a couple of downers in the group:

Unsurprisingly, one of them is THIS GUY: