Lawsuits and Naomi Campbell are magical together! Gaby Gibson, the former maid who got beatdown by Campbell after she couldn't find her Stella McCartney jeans in January, filed a second lawsuit against Campbell. The first lawsuit mentioned "employment discrimination, civil assault and civil battery" and now the second adds more defendants (Campbell's publicist, for one), and charges of defamation and "repeated discriminatory assaults based on her national origin."

Campbell allegedly told Gibson: being told "You are not in the Third World anymore!", "Romanians are not usually as dumb as you," "When will you learn English?" and "Are all the women in Romania as pathetic as you?" The one thing Campbell said that doesn't seem too bad might be "I have had it with you, f-----g bitch," but if that's accompanied by a beatdown, that would be scary.

Campbell's lawyer claims that this lawsuit is a "cheap publicity stunt" given that the model is in court to face separate charges of beating up another maid last March with a cellphone. Lawyer David Breitbart said, "I just can't see the most beautiful black woman in the world calling someone a bad Romanian. I don't believe she even knew this woman was Romanian." Gibson's lawyer, though, calls Campbell a "violent super-bigot."

And at this point, the walk to Manhattan Criminal Court at 100 Centre Street must be as familiar as a catwalk to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Photograph of Naomi Campbell headed to criminal court today by Louis Lanzano/AP