Madonna on this September's Harper's BazaarThe Gap wants us to accept corduroy this fall and Madonna as their pitchwomen. Well, based on the new Madonna-Missy Elliott Gap commercial, Gothamist knows this: Madonna is looking more and more like a caricature of herself. The ad starts with Madonna lip-syncing a few bars of her new song "Hollywood" but to the melody of "Get Into the Groove." She walks down a Hollywood backlot street and then out pops Missy Elliott, and they start signing "Get Into the Groove" together. Well, Missy raps. (Does Timbaland know about this?) They are both wearing jeans that have "M" stitched on the bum pocket. It's very tame and boring. They were probably paid in pocket-T's.

Some brand consultant says this is the "coolest idea," having Madonna as the Gap pitchwoman. Well, it's the coup-iest idea, but not the coolest. The coolest would be to have Madonna say how lame the Gap is during their commercial, 'cause that's the Madonna Gothamist knows and loves. The commercials "director's cut" will be shown at 8PM on VH1 tonight, in between episodes of Driven featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott. Yes, we know you're running home for that one.

In other news, according to Madonna's website: can confirm that UK magazine "Q" will release a Madonna special issue in September. This will be a 148-page, full-colour glossy Q special edition completely devoted to Madonna, and on sale from 26 September. The magazine will contain reprinted interviews from the Q archive, including the cover stories from June 1991, December 94 and March 98, reappraisals of her key albums and tours, and a rundown of the Top 20 Madonna Songs Of All Time, as voted by fans and musicians. The magazine will have high production values and offer a comprehensive history of Madonna's work as a recording artist, and follows recent similar Q special editions for Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and Oasis.

Eh, Gothamist can make fun of it, but we'll also be buying it.