2008_10_mad18.jpgMadonna is gearing up for her divorce with British director Guy Ritchie by accusing him of abuse, according to the tabloids. London's Daily Mail says that Ritchie told the Material Girl she "looked like a granny" and was "past it" when she turned 50. More rumors: She worked out so much that the couple didn't have sex for 18 months andwhen they did, Ritchie would tell friends it was like "cuddling up to a piece of gristle"; she was strict about the food in the household; and Madonna was thinking about "going public" with A-Rod after her world tour ends. A source said, "Alex is bewitched by her. she is a very intoxicating woman and it seems she has offered him a pathway to happiness and enlightenment through Kabbalah. He thinks she is phenomenal, but his friends aren't sure they have much in common."