With apartment prices in New York quickly sailing north of $1500/sqft, if you're looking to buy a place, it might be time to start getting creative. For more than a year we've been thinking about the pre-fab housing revolution that's taking place around the United States. No longer are pre-fabs the ugly, cheaply built units you might remember from your youth. These houses are something else entirely: modern, airy, and modular, so they're easy to configure. In New York, of course, the challenge is to find a spot to put your pre-fab house-- short of dropping one in Central Park, there isn't much open land around here. Unless you consider the roof!

Think about it: most roofs are underutilized in the city, with nothing but a watertower and yards and yards of open space. That's where the LoftCube comes in-- you just order one of these babies and have it dropped in by crane or helicopter-- then after a couple of days of assembly, it's ready for move in. Presumably, you are responsible for securing the rights to the roof and appropriate utilities and access. We like the look and feel of the LoftCube-- it's got an Austin Powers sort of 1960s vibe-- with rounded corners and floor-to-ceiling windows, which is perfect for taking in your new 360-degree view.

Think about it: why spend $750k on a shitty junior one bedroom when you could use that money to buy one of these and live like a king in the sky? [Related: check out Inhabitat for news on all sorts of architecture stuff like this, and read TreeHugger's piece on the Loftcube from last year.]

UPDATE: Curbed had an article about the LoftCube over the summer-- and they reported it's selling for about $100k (70k Euros, to be precise.) So you could spend $400k on the shipping, assembly, and roof-rights and still come off about $250k less than your average Brooklyn 1-bedroom. And you'd have the views!