Lil Wayne has had quite the adventure during his time behind bars, which has included a prison blog, music contraband, weekly calls to Drake, and just a grand ol' time in general. Now the Daily News has an update from Rikers, where the rapper has been doing a lot of reflecting since getting locked up there in March.

In an interview on Hot 97 earlier this week, he said, "Everybody says that you're here for a reason. I search for that reason every day." Well, Weezy, that reason has something to do with the cops catching you driving around Manhattan with marijuana and a .40-caliber weapon.

In other news from the island, just like grafitti gal UTAH before him (who didn't care for the lack of vegan food on Rikers), Lil Wayne isn't feeling satisfied with the menu either. He told the radio station, "[The food here] is not what I want. But it is what it is." Full interview below: