2007_05_annanic.jpgTonight's episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent features its ripped-from-the-headlinse take on the Anna Nicole Smith soap opera. Playing a blond bombshell named Lorelei Mailer is Kristy Swanson, best known as the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer; playing her manager/boyfriend is David Cross (!). TV Guide interviewed Swanson:

TV Guide: How did this Criminal Intent job come about?
Swanson: Law & Order called my agent and said that they're doing the Anna Nicole Smith story. They knew I had just given birth a month before and asked, "How does she feel and how does she look?" My agent said, "Well, she's a little heavy, because she just had a baby," and they told him it would work for the story, because the character just had a baby, so she's up a few pounds, too. [Laughs] So after much discussion with [boyfriend] Lloyd, I decided to do the show...

TV Guide: You sort of look like Anna Nicole on CI. Was this a role you were born to play?
Swanson: I don't know about "born to play," because I'm really sad she passed away. She seemed like such a fun girl. But once I read the script and saw that it wasn't exploitative, I wanted to do it. I know the media has been accused of overdoing her story, but the fact that you have two family members die within a few months and all this money's involved... it's an interesting story. Sorry, but it is....

TV Guide: How much does the episode mirror the real story? Is there a dead, rich old husband? A kind of sleazy companion? A dead son? Does Lorelei herself die?
Swanson: Yes to all of that. And in our story line, I have a sister and the question is whether the deaths are accidental, suicide or murder.

TV Guide: I hear that you and Chris Noth, who comes into the case as Logan, had a fun time together.
Swanson: Oh, yeah. We were cracking up about bodily functions. Locker-room jokes.

There's also an explanation to why Swanson's character is named Lorelei Mailer, but any Marilyn Monroe fans will be able to figure it out right quick.

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