lmannino.jpgLaura Mannino has appeared all over New York city brandishing her killer comedy stylings. She also co-produces Minty Fresh, a bi-weekly comedy show.

The Basics.

Occupation/Day job.
Permanent temp. Damn you, BFA!

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in White Plains, NY. White Plains is the County Seat of Westchester, which means we got all the Claire’s Accessories and car dealerships so to not disrupt the quaint, quiet charm of the neighboring hamlets and villages. I now live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Greenpoint, the red-headed stepchild of Williamsburg, is where all the hipsters without the trust funds live.

Give us the quick and dirty reason why you decided to do comedy, since lady comics aren't funny. (Ha!)
The quick reason: Making people laugh is the best job in world (“best” meaning those rare moments when you can walk off stage and not want to spiral down into the depths of a Paxil and Wild Turkey bender. I use the word “job” loosely because that suggests I actually get paid). Also being around other people, who make you laugh all the time makes it way worth not getting paid to be judged by strangers pissed about filing a home Equity Loan to pay for a Rolling Rock. Not much of a reason and not at all quick. Dirty reason: It’s great to work in the one part of the entertainment industry in which passable personal hygiene and decent enough looks can actually work against you.

Who is funnier? Tina Turner or Tina Brown? Donald Duck or Donald Trump?
Tina Brown doing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary dance routine crocked on White Wine Spritzers at the CNBC Christmas party.

What is the best improvement to New York City in the last year?
Baseboard heating in my apartment.

In your opinion, what fashion trend is this year's UGG boot?
Old Navy’s version of the UGG boot. There is nothing worse than a hyped up trend than its mass-market rip off counterpart. The jury’s still out on the capelet.

Now that it's getting cold, what (or who) do you do to stay warm?
See above answer to best improvement in New York City…and my Old Navy Faux-Shearling boots of course.

How many takeout menus are in your apartment?
Nine. Their names are a combination of the following words: Fortune, Wok, Garden, Lucky, Shanghai, Dragon, Wasabi, and Baldo’s Brick Oven Pizza.

What do you do with the leftover wire hangers from your dry-cleaning?
I have three jokes here that I can’t put in writing. I’ll tell them to the short list of people I managed to convince that I’m not a horrible, tasteless person.

What's the best place in New York for semi-public sex?
Semi-public? I don’t know... Jail.

You've been asked to host a party and the only requirement is that you must invite three New York celebrities (alive), who would you extend an invite to?
Jon Stewart, the homeless guy who entertains on the 1/9 train, a true song and dance man and a great joke teller; he’ll never be written about in Gawker but he’s a celeb among the 1/9 commuters, and Eric Bogosian. Did I use the semi-colon correctly? Damn you, BFA!

If you could revoke a famous New Yorker's citizenship, who would it be?
The Yankees, every single one of them. Except Torre. The Mets may need him one day. Like now...(pause for moment to have Gothamist readers think, “hmm, she was almost likeable”) Wanna hear my wire hanger jokes now?