Irene Jacob in Kieslowski's Three Colors: Red

Finally, Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors Trilogy is released on DVD. Roger Ebert celebrates this long awaited treasure by writing a Great Movies piece about Red. "Three Colors: Red" is one of my favorite movies, because there's this undercurrent of destiny and fate moving one's actions, in addition to one's own will, twisting the mind with the soul. Much of his work is like that, pushing his characters' intellect against nature.

A great essay on "Three Colors: Red", "Demystifying Three Colors: Red" by Anthony Leong.
Roger Ebert looked at Kieslowski's other masterpiece, The Decalogue
Kieslowski liked to work with conceits, like the Ten Commandents in "The Decalogue" and the colors of the French flag in "Three Colors." Though he had retired, he had planned a "Heaven," "Hell," and "Purgatory" trilogy. Tom Twyker directed Heaven from Kieslowski and collaborater Krzysztof Piesiewicz.
A Google search on Kieslowski.
Music composer Zbigniew Preisner's hypnotic music graces many Kieslowski films.