James Franco's NYU film school thesis project has finally seen the light of day, and word is it's heavy on the male genitalia. A source told Life & Style, "It pretty much had no plot and featured men in clown masks, men in dog masks, and shots of male genitalia urinating. I think everyone was shocked by how much male nudity there was."

This seems to all fit in line with that really weird James Franco story that popped up on the internet earlier this year. In it, a Franco fan goes up to Woodstock to (unknowingly) be in a film the actor was working on; "he gets there, and the lights are all off, and Franco is lying on a couch, all tangled in blankets wearing nothing but a speedo. Franco goes, 'the script’s already on the table, man. You’re playing Alan.' Sure enough, there are some scenes typed up on the table, and there’s a character named Alan…without any lines. His only role is to get ass-raped in this one part."

While we await that video to show up on the YouTubes, after the jump you'll find another video which co-stars Franco. In it he wears one of his many hats, as Wall Street Journal contributor, and sits down to eat gold (GOLD!) with none other than his BFF Marina Abramović.