Photo by Tod Seelie

The 10th annual Idiotarod is coming to the streets of New York tomorrow, but this time the event has a new name: the Idiotarodorama NYC (aka “The Desistarod”). Organizers of this year's event received a Cease & Desist letter regarding their name sent from the attorneys of the actual Iditarod Dog Sled Race, along with what they call "frivolous threats of legal action." From their announcement:

"Representatives of the Department of Homeland Absurdity (DHA) and IDIOT Labs, the two totally imaginary organizations running this year’s event, today disclosed the receipt of a Cease & Desist Demand from Davis Wright Tremane LLP. The letter was initially thought to be an elaborate joke or very clever sabotage scheme, however the DHA and IDIOT Labs have confirmed that the firm is, in fact, real and does represent the Iditarod Trail Committee, Inc. ("ITC"). Whether anyone at the firm or ITC has a sense of humor remains uncertain.

The Cease & Desist Demand threatens legal action against Idiotarod NYC for trademark infringement, even though no one in their right mind could possibly confuse the ramshackle, unsanctioned display of frivolity featuring racers with wacky costumes and ridiculously modified shopping carts running between bars in the outer boroughs of New York City with the well-known long-distance sled dog race between Anchorage and Nome. Plus the Idiotarod NYC race has been going on for 10 fucking years now, people."

So under its new name, the race—which involves costumes, shopping carts, and alcohol—will go on tomorrow. The starting point is, as usual, a secret, but we'll be there updating with photos along the way. You can get details on joining here... just don't phone it in, people. Go Danger Zone or go home.