2005_09_deathmask.jpgIn the spirit of this weekend's Yankees-Red Sox series, Gothamist suggests you go to the First Street Gallery in Chelsea to visit sculptor Daniel Edwards's death masks of Ted Williams. The Baseball Hall of Fame Red Sox legend who batted .406 in the 1941 season became more famous in his after life when it turned out his head had been cut off when he was cryogenically frozen. Edwards had spent time with Williams (while he was alive) and felt the decapitation was a horror. So he decided to create three death masks of Williams, plus show them with various other paraphenalia (a Life magazine, a jersey) and call it the "The Ted Williams Memorial Display with Death Mask from The Ben Affleck 2004 World Series Collection." The NY Times interviewed Edwards earlier this week and the Boston Herald reports that there are bidders for one of the death masks. It's unclear is the death masks will travel to Boston.

Game 1 is tonight at 7:30PM, with Aaron Small pitching for the Yankees and David Wells for the Red Sox. And New York magazine is using the rivalry in their advertising (it's clearer here at the New York site).

Photograph from the Boston Herald