Today the Guggenheim Museum kicks-off a year-long celebration of art, architecture, and innovation to mark the 50th anniversary of its landmark building, and what better way to celebrate than with honoring Frank Lloyd Wright. Their From Within Outward exhibit will run through August 23rd and takes a look at the architect's vision from all angles. The anniversary celebrations won't just focus on the building's creator, however—on top of variety of exhibits, screenings of a documentary about the museum's past and present, and public events, there will also be city-wide celebrations. For instance, Mayor Bloomberg declared today Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Day!

Here's our previous look at the show, and above is a look at this morning's preview. The NY Times's architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff says, "The show offers no new insight into his life’s work. Nor is there any real sense of what makes him so controversial. It’s a chaste show... The advantage of this low-key approach is that it puts the emphasis back where it belongs: on the work."