The countdown to 2019 is on, and organizers of the world's biggest New Year's celebration are getting ready. With up to two million people expected to crowd into Times Square, everything has to go right (or whatever!). The festive Waterford crystal ball that drops as the year ends was "installed" on Thursday and will be tested on Sunday, while another very important element of the celebration will get its trial run on Saturday: The confetti.

Yes, the confetti that floats down from office buildings will undergo an "airworthiness test." Handfuls of the colored, tissue-thin pieces of paper will be thrown from the marquee of the Hard Rock Cafe at 11 a.m. on Saturday to ensure that gravity does work again this year.

Here's our video from the 2015 confetti test—it was pretty charming, with tourists who aren't enduring New Year's Eve in Times Square grabbing confetti to keep as mementos.