Angel fans; Photo: Michael Schneider,

Tonight is one of the final episodes of Angel, the much beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. These days, when not getting sucked into some other demon hole or something, Angel has been beat up by The O.C. or The West Wing in the ratings. Variety TV editor Michael Schneider has been getting lots of "Save Angel" mail from the dedicated Angels fans (photo, above):

They came from all over the globe: Oklahoma, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, England... even several postcards from soldiers in Iraq. And they all want to save "Angel."I suppose it would be too easy at this point to lament the fact that all of that energy could be better harnessed to feed the hungry or shelter the homeless. But hey, there's a TV show to be saved here!

This reminds of the first "Save this show!" letter Gothamist ever wrote: It was to Bob Iger, to save Twin Peaks. Everyday we wonder if TP would still be on, had the power of the Internet been harnessed carefully, but we're still unsure. Anyway, Gothamist would like to take a moment and salute Angel, a show that can turn its leading actor into a puppet for a time and still scare the dickens out of us.