Not even the crazy destruction Hurricane Sandy brought to Staten Island can slow plans to bring the world's largest Ferris Wheel to the borough, it seems. Though the city is still trying to figure out how to better prepare for future floods, the future tourist trap that will be the New York Wheel can not, will not stop. 625' of spinning steel, here we come!

"We’re providing some things for the city and for the local community that they would have no other way of getting right now," said developer Richard Marin, the chief executive of New York Wheel LLC. "Quite frankly, this borough is extremely lucky that this kind of project is under way." The company says it should bring more than 1,000 construction and permanent jobs to the borough.

Still, the $500 million project is going forward with little changes to its plan—though some electrical and mechanical equipment will be raised up in case of another giant storm. The company is currently looking for a sponsorship (they expect to have one by April), mulling how to light the giant circle (without upsetting the locals), and are desperately trying to break ground (in case the next mayor doesn't support the project).

“There were a number of reasons why we, under direct advisement from City Hall, chose to stay on course. I mean, in many ways, getting this project done depends very heavily on getting it done while the current administration is in office,” Marin said when asked about the rush.