There are so many internet and technology conferences in New York City every year, but there's only one that Gothamist has ever really enjoyed: Mark Hurst's Good Experience Live. It's been going on since 2003, and each year showcases an incredibly eclectic bunch of designers, scientists, technologists, artists, and weirdos. This year, Gothamist got to be part of the fun- we led a tour of Penn Station and Grand Central, comparing and constrasting the architecture and customer experience at each one (conclusion: Penn Station sucks, Grand Central is hella cool!)

If you didn't get a chance to go this year, you missed out on some amazing presentations. In our opinion, the best ones were by:
- The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Jugglers
- Yuri Lane, Human Beatbox
- Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice
- Bob Mankoff, New Yorker cartoon editor
- Theo Jansen, kinetic artist
- Ross Kauffman, director of Born into Brothels
- Bruce Shapiro, Robot Artist
- Charlie Todd, Prankster

Anyway- be sure to catch GEL 2006 next April. And if you were there at GEL this year, what was the coolest thing you saw?

Image of Jake in front of GCT by Placement.