This afternoon a mash-up using the Gilmore Girls theme song with the Twin Peaks intro appeared—the former recently hit Netflix, and the latter announced its return yesterday. So very timely. Possibly due to some Lynchian sorcery, or perhaps because most television show intros and themes are the same length, it worked very well. So well that we craved more. Below, you can watch the Gilmore Girls version, along with some others that we created.

Twin Creeks (Dawson's Creek)

The One Where Laura Palmer Dies (Friends)

Law & Order: Wrapped In Plastic Division

Mr. Bobvedere (Mr. Belvedere)

Miami Peaks (Miami Vice)

Bob Draper (Mad Men)

Twin Felicity (Felicity)

Twin Hollow (Gilmore Girls)

The mash-up has followed David Lynch around for some time, and we highly recommend this Mashed in Plastic tribute, which brings together the Smashing Pumpkins with Linda Scott and Mulholland Drive.