If you’re not already overwhelmed by Star Wars’ promotional madness, including the Times Square Toys-R-Us Star Wars aisle and a relentless commercial campaign (M&M’s M-pire’s new “dark side” candy, Chewbacca grunting for Cingular, Yoda using the Force to snatch a Pepsi, or Darth Vader battling a boy armed with a Kellogg's cereal SaberSpoon), then see die-hard fans geeking out in the Star-Wars Stand-a-Thon. Camped outside Ziegfeld's theatre on 54th, this wait-in-line marathon raises money for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, a nonprofit will helps severely ill children and their families. These eager movie-goers have less than 10 days until the opening of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Gothamist can only hope Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will interview them as he hilariously did once before.

While logic tells us Episode III will be as painfully disappointing as the last two film chapters, many critics have applauded Lucas's latest effort, even comparing it to A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The movie premieres next Thursday, May 19th, at midnight and most NYC theatres are offering several 12:01 AM shows. If you’re interested in buying tickets online, most digital projection theatres, like Loews Kips Bay, have already sold out, but you can still catch a Loews stadium seating.

Visit Fandango & Moviefone for available showtimes, or head to the Ziegfeld to join, as Entertainment Weekly described, "the band of rebels agitating for a bona fide movie experience."
Photo: AP