Goodness, Community Board 8 is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't when it comes to plans for a new dog run. Even though a resolution was passed for a waterfront dog run to be created at the East 63rd Street heliport, the Sun reports that small dog owners are clashing with large dog owners over the proposed run.

Why? Many small dog owners want a separate area for teacup-sized pooches, while large dog owners wanted one continuous space for their canines. The Parks Department says the dog runs are community board requests ("Sometimes there's a need for a small dog run, and sometimes the need isn't there."). What about the a run for the smelly dogs and one for the smellier dogs?

Dog owners, do you think there should be a separate area for small dogs? And on the Dog Whisperer, the big and little dogs seem to get along, but, then again, that's probably because of Cesar Millan.

Photograph of the Tompkins Square Dog Run where medium- and small-sized dogs seem to coexist fine by evilsugar25 on Flickr