Jon Stewart's second-to-last guest on The Daily Show was comedian Denis Leary, who said what everyone is thinking about Stewart's decision to end his run: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Leary continued, "When we found out that you were offered this big contract and that you were basically turning it down to spend time with your family—it was a big contract, they said it was $50 million." Stewart said, "I think you're thinking of [Dave] Chappelle."

But Leary had a point: "Still it was a lot of money, right? We all thought the same thing which is this is a guy who is very brave and courageous, and he's a good dad who wants to spend time with his family... Here's what I'm going to say ... what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you know how much fucking therapy you could buy for your kids with 50 fucking million dollars! They can hate your guts into perpetuity! They have mansions to hate your guts in.

"It's not too late. Give Trevor [Noah] some other show! Me and Colin Quinn and Chris Rock will write this fucking show for you for like 25 of the 50 million," Leary proposed.

Realizing that Stewart really is leaving, Leary asked, "Can I still come on the show when Trevor's the host?" And Stewart said, "I'll be honest with you ... I don't think he's crazy about Irish people."

Tonight's guest will be Louis CK, NYC Mayor-in-Training.