Yesterday, someone wrote on Gothamist Contribute, "One of the winners at the cat show today freaked out and took off. By show's end, it still had not been found. Poor thing. Maybe expecting cats to stay put like dogs is just a bad idea."

Ack! Luckily, Russian Blue "Evgeny Pushenko" was found this morning at 9:20AM. Evgeny, who was present for the “best of show” segment, slipped away from a judge and sent everyone into a frenzy. Rescuers from Animal Care & Control were on hand and they set out traps with cat food. The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals tells us that the 15 month old Evgeny was found "huddled in a corner of Madison Square Garden’s carpenter room."

Aw. Remember Molly, the cat stuck in the wall at Myers of Keswick for days and days that was extracted after a media watch? And for the record, the best of best winner at the 2006 Cat Fanciers' Association- Iams Cat Championship was Cali, a short-hair manx.


This story also reminds us of Vivi, the whippet who had shown at the Westminster Dog Show but then escaped from her kennel at JFK Airport? It's been 33 weeks since she went missing, but volunteers are still looking for her. Newsday's Denise Flaim has been keeping a blog about the search for Vivi.

Top photograph of Evgeney Pushenko by Richard Drew/AP; lower photograph of Cali by Shiho Fukada/AP