2005_12_theirfirst.jpgThe NY Times reveals that the city's crime reporters aren't always at each other's throats for scoops - at least, when they are at bar. There are some awesome tidbits, like how the Daily News' Kerry Burke tells rookie reporters that they haven't "adequately covered a homicide" if their "shoes are not wet with the victim's blood" or how it helps to look like a police officer in order to slip behind crime scene tape. Which makes sense, because Gothamist is always amazed at the level of detail in the Daily News's and NY Post's crime stories (in that insance, tabloids can do it better). Burke says of the other reporters, "They stink of death, but I'm honored to work the same streets as them."

Photograph of Brooklyn children's "first murder" scene from Weegee; if you're in the Los Angeles area, there is a Weegee show, Scene of the Crime, at the Getty Center until January 22