Tomorrow there's a one-day-only event going on throughout the five boroughs called the Cricket Crawl. The objective is to find crickets in the middle of New York City relying on the latest cell phone technology. NY1 reports that the U.S. Geological Survey and other scientific groups and universities are asking New Yorkers to find crickets, and record those findings on their cell phones. And perhaps the katydids will be re-discovered; "Back in 1920 there was a report that certain common katydids were missing on Staten Island. They didn't hear them any longer. And then recently some people in the Bronx and some here in Manhattan actually said they heard this katydid chirping again." With sounds and locations all reported, it will then be "parced in Discover Life to give an actual real time model and map of where these species are occurring." Follow along here... we're considering recording that little guy that makes a racket outside our bedroom window.