To watch all the crap that comes out in the movie theaters is just plain crazy - especially during the summer movie season when it seems like every other movie is craptastic. But that's just what a few people have set their sights on with a website called The Movie Binge. The site has six people on its roster right now, including Gothamist's own Karen Wilson, with the possibly of some guest "bingers" as well. Their goal is to watch every movie from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

Last night we spoke with Matt Jacobs, one of the "brains" behind The Movie Binge.


Do your loved ones think you are crazy?
Matt Jacobs: They absolutely think I'm crazy. When I watched 7 movies in a day, they shook their heads and laughed, but when I poison my summer with god-awful films, I think they just feel really bad.
Gmst: How do you determine who sees the really bad movies - like garfield?
MJ: Believe it or not, Gothamist's own Cinecultist volunteered to see Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties. There's no way I would have seen it. For the other films-that-shall-not-be-named, we may need to drug one of the Bingers and leave him or her in the theater. There's probably no other way.
Gmist: Is there a timeframe to watch a movie in?
MJ: Our plan is to watch a film within the first week it is released. Since there are no real rules, we wouldn't "lose" if it took 8 days. But we want to be timely otherwise the review is of little value to our readers. This will probably be tough on the weekends that have 6+ movies.

We'll see how sucssessful they are as their bank accounts are depleted by the insane cost of movies in New York. No word on if buying a bootleg version of Barnyard will count as watching a movie.

If you want to see what they're up against, check out the huge list of summer movies they have compiled. Matt tells us that he's working on a version for iCal and Google Calendar.