2006_05_sirius.jpgNot to be outdone by Opie & Anthony, the Archdiocese of New York has signed a deal with SIRIUS to start The Catholic Channel. Launching in the fall, the channel will carry daily Mass from St. Patrick's as well as "feature a modern format with an open dialogue focused on Catholicism in the 21st Century." No news on whether it will cover topics such as marriage for the clergy, homosexuality, and whether HIV can spread through condoms.

Gothamist is just curious as to any synergies that can be exploited between the new channel and SIRIUS' flagship product - Howard Stern. Perhaps some cross promotion? Porn stars at St. Patrick's? Strippers in the pulpit? The possibilities are endless! We also didn't see which number on the dial The Catholic Channel will be on; it doesn't look like there's space between Radio Disney and Kids Stuff.