Judge Larry Seidlin wept when he gave custody of Anna Nicole Smith's body would go to her baby Danielynn Smith. Well, make that Danielynn's legal guardian, Richard Milstein. Five-month-old Danielynn was practically the only person who wasn't fighting for her mother's body, and the AP called it a "surprise middle course" decision. However, Newsday's Star Struck blog called Seidiln's sobbing "possibly the most embarrassing thing on television since 'The Magic Hour.'" E! Online has the Seidlin quotes

"I want you to understand that I reviewed absolutely everything," Seidlin said before issuing the ruling. "I have struggled with this. I have shed tears.

"Justice is not perfect, it's what is reasonable."

The ruling came unexpectedly after a full day of testimony from several players in the case, including Birkhead, and was an intentional surprise by Seidlin..."I feel for all parties here," Seidlin said before issuing his decision. "I suffer with this case day and night."

..."I want to keep this dignified," Seidlin said. "You lawyers are trained to look for the smoking gun. Who's the villain? Who's the hero? There's black, there's white and there's a lot of grey in this case."...

..."Anna Nicole loved Marilyn Monroe," he said. "Camelot. Knights of the Round Table. One for all, all for one. Loyalty."...

Which brings us to this Countdown with Keith Olbermann video from earlier this week. Just under 2 minutes in is an amazing montage of Bronx-bred Seidlin's wackiness. He mentions going to Hunter College and is just generally bonkers. We think his chances for a TV show are pretty decent.

Update: The NY Times article about Seidlin's ruling makes him seem more humane given his concern over little Danielynn: “I hope to God you guys give the kid the right shot.”