2007_01_arts_tvotr.jpgRight on the tail of the groundbreaking "bloggers drink in the LES" article in The Observer, The New York Times will not be outdone! Their article, Truly Indie Fans, is about black people listening to rock music, and it has caused quite a stir, with good reason. The article uses the term "blipsters" to describe black indie rock fans, as if another form of the already overused word "hipster" needs to exist - nevermind one based on race. The blog Colonel K Speaks has written an emotional response to the piece.

He states, "This week's NY Times Magazine published an article called "Truly Indie Fans,” in which author Jessica Pressler investigates the lives and experiences of black rock fans, or as she dubs them, “blipsters.” While she is optimistic about bands with Black members, such as Bloc Party and TV On The Radio, Pressler fails to touch upon the double standards that have been placed upon black rock fans."

We think perhaps The Times felt like hyping up a new phrase, and didn't think too much about the rest.