Next month, bicyclists can become art for a good cause. Artist Jessica Findley is bringing back the Aeolian Ride for its 10th birthday, and you too can cruise from Brooklyn to Governors Island while wearing a puffy costume.

Here's some info about what the heck an Aeolian (Ride) is:

What's an Aeolian?

You. On a bike. Inflated. :) "Aeolian" is a Greek word- to be caused or carried by the wind. The costumes inflate as you ride - but don't worry you won't get carried away - at least not by the wind.

Why is this happening?
Aeolian Ride has a magical effect of creating a loop of joy between the spectator and the performer. It also transforms the everyday street to a place for public art where the public is the art. These two birthday rides will raise money for local organizations that give back to the community. NYC we are donating to 596 Acres and in Montreal we are donating to Santropol Roulant. Donations of over $100 will receive the gift of a Bicycle Aura Portrait by Jessica Findley.

The tickets to reserve a costume for the August 17th ride are $10 for adults and $5 for kids, and there are also $10 tickets for the after-party on Governors Island.

There have been Aeolian Rides all over the world, but here's the first one, in NYC, in 2004:

THE FIRST AEOLIAN RIDE NEW YORK from Jessica Findley on Vimeo.