Whoa-- that was quite a night. If, like us, you've just woken up with a pounding hangover and a foul sugar-coating covering your tongue, we sympathize. Here are some highlights to remind you of how you spent the night-- add yours in the comments if you want us to link to them.

Parade: WhatISee, EyeinAstoria, InSunlight, Editrix, ImBrettJackson, AVC, BobbyLapointe, Rendomthoughts, *PhotobyMatt*, TunnelAngel, Gruban, Tozzer, Mercredis and the amazing phone costume, great Van Gogh painting, Kenyee

Parties: Hallow PG, BrianVan, Ambrel Shindig, Ambrel MF'er (NSFW], NickyDigital MF'er [NSFW]

Park Slope Parade and Environs: OTBKB, Christy, GowanusLounge, Don Wiss (check out this amazing ESB w/King Kong)

Tompkins Park Dog Parade: Superterrific, Mosurades, Loveitmadly, JouJouBee, Hedondidit, Mysuspira

Etc: people in costume on the subway

UGH by Sarah Brown-- definitely the most offensive costume of the year!