ozupic.jpgWhen a series of films by a master filmmaker plays in town, Gothamist often feels obliged to take in a few of the selections like the health conscious take on leafy green veggies. Not that the equation is necessarily Ozu Yasujiro's movies = kale, but his movies are enriching for the body and spirit. BAM's series Tokyo Stories: Yasujiro Ozu continues through August 24 with tonight's screening of There Was A Father (Chichi ariki) (1942).

One of his two films made during the War, it "won the second prize at the Kinema Jumpo, made money at the box office and became one of Japan's most treasured film classics" according to the detailed profile on Sense of Cinema about Ozu. It stars Ozu main staple Chishu Ryu as a father separated from his son over 20 years and was one of Ozu's personal favorites in his oeuvre, along with Tokyo Story and Late Spring. It is a good way to become more familiar with the breadth of Ozu's work with his measured, thoughtful examinations of middle class melodrama. Though we'd also recommend trying to catch one of the more famous features like Tokyo Story in the series, sometimes contemplating one of a major director's lesser known works can leave the expectations for "greatness" behind and make for just an enjoyable night at the movies.

There Was A Father plays at 4:30, 6:45 and 9 pm. Just to mark the calendar if you haven't already, Tokyo Story plays August 8. Tickets cost $10 for general admission, $6 for students (25 and under with valid ID) and are available online or at the BAM Rose Cinemas box office.