Our Wednesday nights have purpose again, as Project Runway starts its third season and pull us out of our rerun doldrums. The audition show was on last night and will repeat tonight at 9PM before the 10PM season three premiere. And have you read Tim Gunn's blog entry about the season three auditions? Here's Tim's transcript of what happened in LA:

Our next candidate enters holding a top with a hoodie shaped like a dragon head, complete with scales; a feathered ball gown with a 20-foot train (really); and a corset made out of condoms.

Candidate: "Hello!"

Tim (after exchanging looks with the other judges): "Thank you for coming, but this isn't what we're looking for."

Candidate: "No, I AM what you're looking for."

Tim (to the other judges): "Do we see anything here that interests us?"

Other Judges: "No."

Candidate: "How can you say that? I have incredible talent and I have to be on the show!"

Tim: "I'm sorry, but we don't have time for a critique. We have to move on."

Candidate: "What? But I have to be on the show! I HAVE to be!!"

Tim: "Simply put, these aren't clothes (referring to her three garments), they're costumes. We're not looking for costumes."

Candidate: "They're not costumes! I wear them!"

Tim: "I'm sorry, but this meeting is over. Good day."

But most shocking story is on the 4th page of the entry, about an insane NYC audition which led the would-be candidate to tell people in the fashion industry that "Tim Gunn is mean and horrible."

We'll write more about Project Runway tomorrow, but our early suggestions for the Season 3 drinking game:
1 sip when Michael Kors says something bitchy or Nina Garcia dresses down a contestant with precision
1 sip when a candidate proclaims himself/herself a diva or someone who doesn't share
1 sip when Tim Gunn says "Carry On"
1 sip when a candidate plays to the camera
Chug when a candidate does an Andrae-like crying thing during the runway

Speaking of "Carry On," there's a Chloe Dao-designed bag with those words for sale on the Project Runway site. But adore this "Make It Work" tee.