A baby porcupine was born at the Bronx Zoo last month, and it is adorable. It has a small, adorable face and small, adorable paws, and small, adorable spiky quills that will spear any predator that tries to chomp on its small, adorable torso. That's all you really need to know about it right now, but we'll tell you more.

The porcupine is male, and he lives with his parents, Alice and Patrick, at the Zoo. Alice and Patrick are also porcupines, and they have two other porcupine children. Our new porcupine is currently unnamed, but we'll call him Allan, which seems as good a name as any for such a delightful little mammal.

You can visit Allan and his parents at the Children's Zoo at the Bronx Zoo, where he will frolic in the company of many baby goats, a two-toed sloth, squirrel monkeys, an anteater, and some teeny, tiny deer.

Now please watch this video of small, adorable animals and stay off of Twitter forever.