In 1968 beloved New York photographer Bill Cunningham embarked on a project that would span eight years, lasting through 1976. During that time he captured the city's architecture and fashion history, placing models in period costumes in front of New York's buildings, bridges, and even the subway system. The images are timeless, and will be headed for the New York Historical Society in March 2014.

The exhibition, Façades, delves a little deeper than the beautiful surface of these things, the museum notes that the project "was part of the larger cultural zeitgeist in New York City, during an era in which issues surrounding both the preservation and the problems of the urban landscape loomed large."

The show will feature 88 prints from the series, donated to the NYHS by Cunningham, and will run through June 15th, 2014.

And if you somehow don't know about the NY Times photographer, often seen biking around in his blue jacket, check the documentary out: