'Low IQ' De Niro Responds To 'Idiot' Trump: 'He's A Disgrace To This Country'

Robert De Niro at the 2018 Tony Awards (Michael Zorn/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock)

After Robert De Niro cursed out Donald Trump during the Tony Awards on Sunday, it was only a matter of time before Trump responded. Could he make it through his historic summit with "funny and very smart" North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un without furiously tweeting at a celebrity, a.k.a. his favorite hobby? Exhibiting the patience of Neville Chamberlain, Trump waited until Tuesday to attack "very Low IQ individual" De Niro—then he deleted that tweet because it had a typo in it, and retweeted it this morning.

In a now-deleted Instagram video taken by artist JR on Monday night, Punchy refused to back down. "What did you say on television Sunday?" JR asked him. "Fuck Trump," De Niro replied as JR laughed. De Niro continued:

He's a disgrace to this country, I don't know who realizes it or not, but it's a terrible, terrible situation we're in. Maybe people don't want to talk about it too much, especially Republicans, because they think they'll just weather it, but we are on the brink of fascism with this idiot. That's all I have to say.

The country remains wearily aware of this "feud"—Fox News has been using it as a chance to accuse libtards of being huge losers and distasteful, which is truly rich coming from the network that in the past has had guests on who have called Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and a "chimpanzee" and Hillary Clinton a "two-bit whore" and a "worthless bitch."

What say you former Bond villain Robert Davi? "I think it was disgusting what you did, Mr. De Niro. I respect you as an actor, but it was disgusting what you did."

But water is wet (okay, that could be debated) and Grant is buried in Grant's tomb (indisputable!), so the livid hypocrisy of the Fox News crowd should obviously not be news to anyone. But how are the denizens of Staten Island handling the De Niro/Trump wars? Pretty maturely, based on the actions of area man Joseph DeVito, who posted a video of him smashing a photo of the actor. "After he said that there's no coming back," he told the SI Advance.

This is my favorite part:

Everybody doesn't have to agree with Trump but they should respect him, DeVito said, adding he's always "respected every president of the United States whether he liked them or not."

When asked about posts on his personal Facebook page from 2014 criticizing former-President Barack Obama, DeVito said the difference is he is not on television.